Unfamiliar 02

Unfamiliar 02

A podcast of selected netlabel music; new and old works: experimental, weird and strange. Featuring works by A Small Glass Boat, A.K.A Gelbar, AATXE, abc100, Daniel Barbiero & Jimmy Ghaphery, Flatland Sound Studio, Jan Strach, Jared C. Balogh, Jeff Kolar, Joanna Sternberg, Kid Feardive, Léo Doubich and Benjamin Bret, M.Nomized, Memoryglu, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Nanopix, Noosign, Nyhos, Owl Brain Atlas, Pimpstrut Local #13, Ricardo Webbens, Rinus Van Alebeek & Tibor Macek, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, The Kiriks, and Vziel Projet. It’s available for download at this website, iTunes, and Soundcloud. You can stream it at all three sites as well as at Mixcloud.


Photograph Don’t Piss Off Your Stylist by Lotus Carroll. Licensed CC BY-NC-SA.

This podcast is licensed CC BY-NC-SA.



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