Unfamiliar 12

Unfamiliar 12

A mix of selected netlabel music; new and old works: experimental, weird and strange. Featuring works by Abneurone Traumaccord, André Darius, Anonymous, Balam Ronan, Barascud, Daniel Maze, Dave Zeal, Dr Sparkles, Flux Without Pause, Fun Guys From Space, Globoscuro, Hervé Perez, Ich Bin N!ntendo, Jazznoize, Kieran Mahon, Makunouchi Bento, Martin Hoogeboom, Marzipan Marzipan, Music for Rabbits, No Way Out, Pablo Chimenti, Peter Wullen, Quantum, RC Kola, Stinky Picnic, Synflict, The Beige Channel, Theo Calis, Una Lee, AND Zap-Pascal. Please check out the expanded and detailed playlist.

It’s available for download at this website, iTunes, and Soundcloud. You can stream it at all three sites as well as at Mixcloud and Player FM.

Photograph by Melodcy Hudson. Licensed CC BY-NC-SA.


Makunouchi Bento x TrompetreSelf-Released
Telegrams for the Little Sea WindsCC BY-NC-ND
Live at Art Encounters 20152015

This is an excerpt from Makunouchi Bento’s October 2015 live performance Art Encounters 2015 in Timișoara, Romania. Felix Petrescu (Waka X) and Valentin Toma (Qewza) comprise the duo of the Romanian experimental project Makunouchi Bento and they have being putting out interesting work since 2001. (00:00)

The Beige ChannelStasisfield
The Nail House of Yang Wu2011

Michael Farley, aka The Beige Channel, recorded himself pulling up carpet tacks and then melded those sounds with guitar and synthesizers. The Stasisfield netlabel is curated by sound explorer John Kanenberg. (04:33)

No Way OutEtched Traumas
Untitled (Part 1)CC BY-NC-ND

On Untitled (Part 1), No Way Out, aka Adrien Mailler, explores the sounds of tape noise and hiss. The French musician has been producing works under various aliases since 2009. Etched Traumas is a Greek netlabel. You would think I should know by now who curates this wonderful label, but, alas, I don’t know. (10:15)

Balam RonanSonic Terrain
19.18 – 19.26CC BY-NC-SA
Caminar para Escuchar / Escuchar para Caminar. Acción no.12015

19.18 – 19.26 is a field recording by Balam Ronan as he explores the acts of listening and walking in the environment of the city. There is a companion piece released on LEA. Sonic Terrain is a community-based website that explores sounds and perioidically release some wonderful field recordings. They are based in Medellin, Colombia. (19:09)

AnonymousSignals from Arkaim
Na Vlhke Podlaze Litomyslskeho Zamku Part1CC BY-NC-ND
Expedice Litomysl 20152015

Expedice Litomysl 2015 is a strange record a field recordings and other manipulations, I think. Released in the latest batch (November 2015) from Czech netlabel Signals from Arkaim, Expedice Litomysl 2015 doesn’t even come with an artist. It just exists like the sounds recorded..The song title translates to “On a wet floor in the Litomysl Castle”. Signals from Arkaim is run by Jan Faix, aka Count Portmon, among many other aliases. (26:54)

Electricity PylonCC BY-NC-SA
The Sounds of Power Lines2015

Spanish experimental musician Jazznoize, aka Sergio Sanchez, released these wonderful recordings of big electricity. These are unaltered recordings now available as part of the massive number of suRRism-Phonoethics released by the German netlabel in early November. (28:34)

Music for RabbitsSelf-Released
Music for Rabbits2015

Imagine a grown man in bikini briefs and wearing a giant cardboard face dancing on a bar in Brussels and you’ll get a really good idea of what Music for Rabbits is all about. Music for Rabbits are Greg Remy, Guillaume Maupin, Nico Roig, and Thomas Giry (36:23)

Marzipan MarzipanWFMU
Live on WFMU2006

Originally recorded as a performance on Live on WFMU’s Busy Doing Nothing with Charlie back in May 2006, this recording was just posted on Free Music Archive. Marzipan Marzipan, aka Zelda Panda, is a Berlin-based Italian musician, graphic artist and DJ. (41:46)

Stinky PicnicSelf-Released

The last of our animal songs is by Stinky Picnic, an Australian father and daughter duo who have been putting out some incredible music of the last few years. Chances are you already know this, but if this is your first time listening to this incredible band, you are in for a treat. (44:45)

Ich Bin N!ntendospina!rec
ok your©
Ich Bin N!ntendo/Mars-96 Split2015

Recorded on a tour of Japan, this is the Norwegian band Ich Bin N!ntendo comprised of Christian Skår Winther on guitar and vocals, Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard on bass, and Joakim Heibø Johansen on drums. The liner notes say of this band that they are improvised noise rock, no wave, psychedelia and drone. spin!rec is a Russian netlabel born out of the experimental music scene in St. Petersburg, but reaches further out than that. The netlabel is curated by Ilia Belorukov of Mar-96 and other projects. (48:54)

Dr SparklesSelf-Released
Knock Yourself OutCC BY-NC-ND
Hello, Good Evening and Yes2015

This is the second time that I have included a track from the wonderful album by Dr Sparkles. I am enjoying it that much. Dr Sparkles is a self-describe junk pop duo of Simon Simon Mathewson and Matt Oakley. (53:04)

Fun Guys From SpaceSelf-Released
Akihabara Whispers©
Experiments in Veganism2015

Sprung from the demise of Rainbow Danger Club, out of Shanghai, has sprung Fun Guys From Space, a bizarre electronic band based in Austin Texas. (51:21)

Pablo ChimentiInkilino Records
RetornaráCC BY-NC-ND
CHAPA 162015

Out of Argentina come both the artist and the musician. The musician behind this track is Pablo Chianti, acomposer, sound artist, performer, and a professor. Inkilino Records is run by experimental musician Nicolás Varchausky. (58:16)

TV GirlZiklibrenbib
Birds Dont SingCC BY-NC-SA
French Exit2015

Originally released commercially a few years ago, the Los Angeles band TV Girl has now released their “French Exit” album on Ziklibrenbib. Ziklibrenbib works on releasing open-licensed music to French libraries. (1:02:50)

Trans Atlantic RageAltered State Reflections
When I’m Pissed Things Get SurrealCC BY-NC-SA
Split with Koobaatoo Asparagus2015

Originally released in 2010 as a cassette, this Split gets a nice re-release by Jared C. Balogh who is both Trans Atlantic Rage and the curator of Altered State Reflections. Balogh is based out of eastern Pennsylvania. (1:06:13)

Hervé Perez & André DariusPan y Rosas Discos
Five is not a NumberCC BY-NC-ND
The Bridge2015

Hervé Perez an André Darius’ “The Bridge” is a new release on the Chicago-based netlabel, Pan y Rosas Discos. Darius is on bass, Perez is on saxophone and other effects, and Peter Fairclough plays drums on this track. Pan y Rosas Discos is curated by Keith Helt. An extended verison of “The Bridge” is also available for purchase. (1:09:23)

Abneurone Traumaccordnostalgie de la boue
Neurotic game©
Abneurophonies (Musiques de l’en​-​delà)2015

“Abneurophonies (Musiques de l’en​-​delà)” is part of a book project by Marc Alhanati, aka Abneurone Traumaccord. The netlabel nostalgie de la boue is based in the Ivory Coast and is curated by Tristan Koreya. (1:16:36)

QuantumPlataforma Records
ParadigmCC BY-ND

I don’t know much about the artist Quantum or the netlabel Plataforma Records, though I’m quite familiar with the latter. What I know is this, both originate out of Brazil. (1:23:02)

LigatureCC BY-NC-SA
Nous ceignent2015

Barascud, aka Stéphane Barascud, is a self-taught guitar player living in Toulouse, France. Nowaki is a French netlabel run by Sebastian Llinarès and Marc Jolibois. (1:24:19)

Flux Without PauseSelf-Released
IntersectionalityCC BY-NC-ND
-k̶a̶i̶r̶o̶s- In – Chronos2015

“k̶a̶i̶r̶o̶s- In – Chronos” is a release by Jason Haye, aka Flux Without Pause and Project 5am. Haye is from Ipswich, England. (1:27:23)

Theo Calis and Martin HoogeboomPetroglyph Music
White FlowerCC BY-NC-ND
The Grid2015

“The Grid” by Theo Calis and Martin Hoogeboom is ispired by the works of painter Agnes Martin. Calis and Hoogeboom are musicians from The Netherlands. The Norwegian netlabel Petroglyph Music was created by Rune Martinsen and Øystein Jørgensen. (1:32:05)

Daniel Maze + Dave Zealtest tube
Parasite RexCC BY-NC-ND
Blueprints for Insect Architecture2011

“Blueprints for Insect Architecture” is a wonderful album released back in 2011 on the Porteguese netlabel test tube. Maze and Zeal are from Vancouver, Canada. test tube is curated by Pedro Leitão. (1:38:32)

Kieran MahonSplitting Sounds Records
“Messages for … are following”©
Scanning …2015

Kieren Mahon is an English ambient minimalist musician. “Scannin …” was released this month by the Serbian netlabel, Splitting Sounds Records. (1:41:08)

Ghosts and Magic2015

Zap-Pascal is an experimental musician from Rennes, France. suRRism-Phonoethics is a German netlabel. (1:44:43)

Quarta ColonnaCC BY-NC-ND
Quinta Colonna2015

Synflict is a German composer who writes about this release: “‘Quinta Colonna’ could be best assigned to the electroacoustic, acousmatic or somewhat experimental and avant-garde nature drawer near you. It mixes natural sources originating from true instruments with sounds not associated with music (feedback, field recordings or otherwise undesired sound), but in a way where one may be entirely unrecognisable or the other taking the shape of something familiar when in fact it is not.” Nostress is a netlabel based in Palermo, Italy (1:47:49)

Globoscuro/Una Lee/Peter WullenHortus Conclusus Records
#GodpornCC BY-NC-ND

“#5Poems” is an experimental album whicharose from the artistic collaboration between the three artists. Globoscuro, aka Emiliano Pietrini, music; Peter Wullen, poems; and Una Lee, aka Mina Kimovic, voice. “#Godporn” has a contribution from LaMetàFisica, aka Alessandra Zerbinati. Hortus Conclusus Records is a netlabel hosted and curated by Emiliano Pietrini, Ángel Sánchez Cervera and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. (1:52:28)

RC KolaBeer Wizard
Local Forecast©
Primordial EP / Weather Channel EP (SPLIT)2015

At the time of downloading, this album was free. It is now $3, but this might be due to exceeding Bandcamp download limits. Who knows? (1:55:30)

Unfamiliar 12

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