Unfamiliar 13

Unfamiliar 13

A mix of selected netlabel music; new and old works: experimental, weird and strange. Featuring works by Bite, Chris Silver T, Fake Cats Project, Francisco López, Graffiti Mechanism, Homoinsanium, Jab Lemur, Kecap Tuyul, Kendall WA, Lezet, Luís Antero, Mark Unsworth, mhzesent, Mike Adcock, Nick R 61, Pedro Chambel, Space Monkey Death Sequence, Suzana’s Bauten, and Willy Stamati. Please check out the expanded and detailed playlist.

It’s available for download at this website, iTunes, and Soundcloud. You can stream it at all three sites as well as at Mixcloud and Player FM.

Creepy Doll Head by Robert Francis. Licensed CC BY-NC-SA.


HomoinsaniumSamopal Records
Lar Su©
20000015 Autumn2015

Homoinsanium is a Russian musician out of Moscow who puts out ambient and other types of electronic music. The Bandcamp page of Samopal Records says it is out of Mountain View, California, though I’m pretty sure it is not.(00:00)

Willy StamatiMahorka
High-Voltage Transmission TowerCC BY-NC-SA
In Search of Noise (Part 2)2015

Willy Stamati hails out of Donetsk, Ukraine. He describes himself as a post-industrial / noise / ambient one-man project. I just came across his music over the last year or two and I have been quite pleased by the interesting work he has been putting out. Mahorka netlabel is run by Ivo Plamenov Petrov and hails out of Bulgaria. With releases spanning over a decade, Mahorka is one of the most unassuming netlabels out there. Please check out their other work as there is a lot of good stuff there. (02:32)

Mike Adcock and Mark UnsworthLinear Obsessional

Mike Adcock’s “Accord” is a series of improvisational duets that Adcock did with a few of his musician friends. Adcock is from Cheltenham, England. Linear Obsessional is run out of London by Richard Sanderson. (15:34)

Nick R 61 & Kendall WASection 27
Chi O’ Clock2015

Very interesting hip-hop collboration between Nick R 61, aka Nick Rostov, and Kendall WA, out of Chicago. I won’t try to guess where Nick is from. Section 27 is a Scottish netlabel run by Nonima, aka Tam Ferrans. (20:06)

Pedro ChambelPlus Timbre
July, twenty-nine – oneCC BY-NC-ND
July, twenty-nine – one2015

Pedro Chambel of Lisbon Portugal has put out a variety of albums, solo and collaborations, on several great experimental netlabels. Plus Timbre is a Greek netlabel run by Chris Silver T. (22:16)

Kecap Tuyuleg0cide Productions
SarcophageCC BY-NC-SA
Trois Clous2015

French musician Kecap Tuyul returns to eg0cide Productions with this wonderful record “Trois Clous”. eg0cide is a French netlabel run by The Ghost Between The Strings. (32:53)

LezetClasswar Karaoke
Classwar Karaoke 0032 Survey2015

Lezet, aka Igor Jovanovic, contributes to the latest Classwar Karaoke survey. Lezet is a Serbian experimental musician. (42:23)

Suzana’s BautenPlataforma Records
Mistérios OcultosCC BY-NC-ND
Sim, nós somos estranhos2015

Brazilian band Suzana’s Bauten contributes to the last compilation by the netlabel, Plataforma Records. This is not the first time I have included Suzana’s Bauten as they are fast becoming a favorite of mine. Plataforma Records is out of Brazil as well.

Agujero negroCC BY-NC-ND
Calle Palma2015

Bite, aka José Barrera, is a Spanish musician. His album is the last for the wonderful netlabel, basic_sounds, out of Canada. Though basic_sounds will be missed, they have a wonderful catalog that will always be available on archive.org. (56:30)

Graffiti Mechanism8 ravens
The Coconut Voyage©
The Coconut Voyage2015

Graffiti Mechanism, aka Adam Crammond, is a prolific musician out of Toledo, Ohio. This is the first of two releases by the Ukraine netlabel, 8 ravens, run by Jjoth. (1:01:53)

mhzesent8 ravens
Alien SlapCC BY-NC
Alien Slap / Take 32015

mhzesent is a Polish electronic musician with plenty of releases to keep yourself entertained. (1:08:00)

Space Monkey Death SequenceSelf-Released
People Are Alike All Over2015

Space Monkey Death Sequence, aka Dominic Francisco, is an experimental musician out of Berkely, California. The album is based upon a Twilight Zone episode of the same name. (1:10:43)

Jab LemurTruco Records
AtravesaréCC BY-NC-SA

Peruvian musican Jab Lemur has two new releases on his netlabel Truco Records. (1:13:39)

Fake Cats Projectupcoming on Etched Traumas
Love Is A Ping Pong BallCC BY-NC-ND
Love Is A Ping Pong Ball2015

Fake Cats Project is a Moscow, Russian band made of Kirill Makushin,
Igor Levshin and Alexei Borisov. Etched Traumas is a Greek netlabel run Joseph Ba. (1:18:19)

Luís AnteroAuriculab
Sound Places: Guarda (edit)CC BY-NC-SA
Sound Places: Guarda2015

This is an edited version of Luís Antero’s “Sound Places: Guarda”. Other than being a field recorderist in his own right, Antero runs the most excellent Green Fields Recordings netlabel. This is the first of three recordings on this mix from Auriculab, a sound art laboratory run by Atilio Doreste. (1:27:20)

Chris Silver TAuriculab
the traffic bird (edit)CC BY-NC-SA
the traffic bird2015

Chris Silver T is an accomplished experimental musician from Greece. (1:39:02)

Francisco LópezAuriculab
virtual machines (edit)CC BY-NC-ND
virtual machines2015

Francisco López is an experimental musician and sound artist. (1:49:15)

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