Unfamiliar 14

Unfamiliar 14

A mix of selected netlabel music; new and old works: experimental, weird and strange. Be warned that this mix focuses more on the weird and strange than the experimental. Featuring works by AG Davis, Ant The Symbol, Atilio Doreste, Balún, Bob Ostertag, Cagey House, Chinese Hackers, Chris Lynn, DeepDark, Elvis Herod, Gunwale, Human Head Transplant, Jaan Patterson, Jess Lemont, Kirill Makushin, Lezet, Mantra Espectra, Matt Oakley, One Watt of Love, Palimpest Trio, Rowan Box, RPM Orchestra, Samura, Sandtimer, Total Unicorn, Vladimír Hirsch, Waterfront Dining, 懐かし2002津波, and 猫 シ Corp. Please check out the expanded and detailed playlist.

It’s available for download at this website, iTunes, and Soundcloud. You can stream it at all three sites as well as at Mixcloud and Player FM.

The photograph Something Wrong is by Elvin. Licensed CC BY-NC.


Cagey HouseHappy Puppy Records
Come Live With Me (And Be My Love)CC BY-NC
Five Times Through2015

When a history of netlabes is written, Cagey House aka Dave Keifer, will be considered one of the movement’s most important musicisans. Over the past 10 years Keifer has put out some incredible work and “Five Times Through”, his last album for some time, continues the trend. The Baltimore, Maryland producer Keifer now begins a well-deserved hiatus. Happy Puppy Records is a Canadaian netlabel run by Lee Rosevere, a musician and radio producer.(0:00)

La Luna2015

Balún, by way of Puerto Rico, is now from Brooklyn, New York. Formed by visual artist José Olivares and composer Angélica Negrón, Balún now includes Noraliz Ruíz, Shayna Dunkelman (Xiu Xiu/Peptalk) and Raul Reymundi (Las Ardillas/Suturee). (6:57)

Mantra EspectraSelf-Released
Raga TidiCC BY-NC
Cantos and Meditations2015

Mantra, aka Guillermo Dumay, worked on these tracks between 2009 and 2012; finally mixing them in 2015. With other projects such as Panico and El Gran Chufle, Dumay makes his home in France, the UK and Chile. Dumay writes, “These songs were recorded at home, in a single take. Mostly improvised music, each song explore a way that interested me at the time. “Raga tidi” is about to play on the carnatics -south indian ragas …” (10:29)

Bob OstertagClasswar Karaoke
Arms and LegsCC BY-NC-SA
Classwar Karaoke Survey 322011/2015

Californian Bob Ostertag is an experimental musician. (13:30)

Matt OakleySelf-Released
They Crawl – Main ThemeCC BY-ND
Horror Movie Soundtrack #12015

There are quite a few Matt Oakley’s in England. This Matt Oakely is also part of Dr Sparkles who have appeared on earlier podcasts. (18:15)

Human Head Transplantnostalgie de la boue
Beyond Time©
Hic Et Ubique Uno Animo1987/2015

Human Head Transplant were a Colorado experimental band in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The members were Robert Beaudin, Kelly Cowan, Sheri VanDecar Cowan, & Robert Ferbrache. The netlabel nostalgie de la boue is based in the Ivory Coast and is curated by Tristan Koreya. (19:45)

Vladimír HirschsuRRism-Phonoethics
Horae (Organ Concerto no.2) 2015

Vladimír Hirsch is a Czech contemporary avantgarde composer, instrumentalist and sound alchemist, integrating contemporary classical, industrial and dark ambient music. suRRism-Phonethics is a German avantgarde netlabel. (23:00)

DeepDarkPetroglyph Music
Joint 51CC BY-NC-ND
Deep Dark2015

DeepDark is a project by Russian musician Erebos Dark.The Norwegian netlabel Petroglyph Music was created by Rune Martinsen and Øystein Jørgensen. (27:34)

懐かし2002津波DMT Records
Nostalgia Tsunami 1999CC BY-NC-ND
Virtual Nirvana2015

This is vaporwave. Trying to discern any factual information from webites is futile. I kid, kind of. The artist may be Draven Stedman of the US. The netlabel DMT Records is most likely from Florida. (33:10)

Rowan BoxM.I.S.T. Records

Rowan Box is a musician from upstate New York. “Metacognition” is one of three EPs recently released on M.I.S.T. Records out of Chile. The netlabel is run by Manuel Silva. (39:01)

Kirill MakushinsuRRism-Phonoethics
Палёные Записи 2006-20082015

Kirill Makushin is a Russian experimental musician living in Moscow. He is also part of the trio Fake Cats Project, a band that has appeared on earlier Unfamiliar podcast. suRRism-Phonethics is a German avantgarde netlabel.(43:03)

Kirill MakushinsuRRism-Phonoethics
Палёнка (Feat.Алексей Борисов и Игорь Лёвшин)CC BY-NC-SA
Палёные Записи 2006-20082015

See above. (43:41)

Jaan PattersonsuRRism-Phonoethics
Music for Shadows2015

Not only is Jaan Patterson a gifted experimental musician, he is also a champion of experimental netlabel music as he helps curate both Classwar Karoake and suRRism-Phonoethics. We are all lazy compare to Patterson. (44:27)

GunwalePatient Sounds
Room of Dust©

Gunwale is an ambient music project out of northern Alberta, Canada. I first came across Patient Sounds as a cassette label, though they do many other things such as publish poetry chapbooks. Patient Sounds is run by Matthew Sage, currently out of Chicago.(48:49)

Cagey HouseHappy Puppy Records
John and GaryCC BY-NC
Five Times Through2015

See first track for more information. (52:22)

Atilio DoresteGreen Field Recordings
Jover Natural Swimming PoolCC BY-NC-ND
World Listening Day 2015 – WATER2015

Atilio Doreste is a phonographer (field recordist) and experimental musician from the Canary Islands. Green Field Recordings is a Creative Commons field recording netlabel run by Luís Antero. (55:06)

Jess LemontSelf-Released
(T)wo-o-phoneCC BY-NC
… y las Dos hipopótamos2015

Jess Lemont is a experimental and jazz musician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has appeared in an earlier Unfamiliar podcast as Splicey and Tracky, a duo with Cagey House.(1:00:05)

Palimpest TrioPan y Rosas Discos

Palimpest Trio is Paulo Chagas, sopranino clarinet, alto saxophone, objects; Silvia Corda, piano, objects; and Adriano Orrù, double-bass, objects. Pan y Rosas Discos is a netlabel out of Chicago and run by Keith Helt. (1:04:13)

SamuraLa Bèl
Dangerous SquaresCC BY-NC-ND
Things Left Unsaid2015

Samurau is Michele Sanna, guitars; Matteo Muntoni, bass; and Alessandro Garau, drums. Samurau are from Cagliari, Italy. La Bèl is an Italian netlabel out of Rome and is run by Adriano Bossola and Elisabetta Luciani. (1:08:24)

RPM OrchestrasuRRism-Phonoethics

Hey, look another release from the German netlabel suRRism-Phonoethics. RPM Orchestra declare themselves an Avant-Americana ensemble and that sounds about right to me. They are out of Phoenix, Arizona. (1:11:56)

Elvis HerodSelf-Released
SugartitsCC BY-NC-SA
Welcome to the Past2015

I became familiar with Elvis Herod through Ergo Phizmiz. Two things this should tell you: Elvis is weird and Elvis is wicked good. His is from north-east England. (1:17:51)

Total UnicornPecan Crazy
HanumanCC BY-NC-SA

Total Unicorn are out of Austin, Texas and they do some weird shit. They are Lyman Hardy, Stephen Fishman, and Lindsey Taylor. Pecan Crazy is a bizarre and strange label out of Texas as well. (1:21:43)

waterfront dining & 猫 シ Corp.DMT Records
Our NightCC BY-NC-ND
With Love 愛を込めて2015

Another track from DMT Records, this time by the prolific waterfront dining and 猫 シ Corp. (1:25:13)

Ant The SymbolblocSonic
The Ride Out (Understand Me, Part II) (Featuring Millz)CC BY-NC-ND
Tempus Fugit2015

Ant The Symbol, aka Anthony Gillison aka Just Plain Ant, is a hip hop producer out of Richmond, Virginia. blocSonic is a netlabel out of Maine, United States. It is run by Michael Gregoire. (1:30:11)

Chinese HackersBedlam Tapes
( w i r e t a p )2015

Chinese Hackers are a newish Vaporwave project. Bedlam Tapes is a cassette label specializing in vaporwave and other experimental music out of Germany. It is run by OSCOB (1:34:09)

SandtimerDream Catalogue
An Ode To Vaporwave (RIP)©
Vaporwave is Dead2015

Is Sandtimer a white guy in his early 20s with a pirated copy of Ableton on his laptop?* Dream Catalogue is a cassette label out of London. It is run by HKE. (1:37:14)

Chris LynnGreen Field Recordings
Bay SoundsCC BY-NC-ND
World Listening Day 2015 – WATER2015

Another entry from the latest various artist release from Green Field Recordings. This time the artist is Chris Lynn. Lynn is a video and sound artist from the Washington, DC area. (1:40:39)

One Watt of LoveFYM Family !
Jimmie’s Got One Watt Of LoveCC BY-NC-SA
Jimmie’s Got One Watt Of Love2015

One Watt of Love, aka Jimmie Odder, hails from Minsk, Ukraine. FYM Family ! is a netlabel out of Minsk and is run by Dima Drozdov and Vlad Sknarin. (1:45:34)

Laughing, Cheering, Sobbing, SellingCC BY-NC-SA
Distorted Voice Recordings2015

Lezet, aka Igor Jovanovic, is an experimental musician from Serbia. Sometimes he does some disturbing things. This is one of those times. And this is another recent release from suRRism-Phonoethics. (1:48:57)

AG DavissuRRism-Phonoethics
The Garrote (Bionicism 2a)CC BY-NC-SA

AG Davis always brings it. What it is and if you want to hear it are two different things. I believe you will want to listen to this. Davis is based out of Florida. Since this is the last track of podcast, it is fitting it’s from suRRism-Phonoethics. At least, I think so. (1:52:33)

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